Security And Privacy

At Ecomgigs, ensuring the safety, security and privacy of our customers is our top priority. That's why we design and build our platform with these values in mind, guaranteeing you peace of mind.

Protecting Your Information

At Ecomgigs, the security and privacy of your information is a top priority. Our team receives ongoing training on topics such as information security, privacy, and password protection to ensure the safety of your data.

Secure Encryption

We take your privacy seriously and use industry-standard TLS 1.2 encryption to secure all network traffic between your browser and the Ecomgigs platform.

GDPR Compliance

Ecomgigs is committed to upholding the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and provides various data management and portability tools to ensure compliance.

Privacy Matters

For full details on our privacy practices, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

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